Sunday, April 10, 2016

Long time, same time

... meanwhile, Lily and Mommy have been upping the level of training so Lily will be less nutty on walks. Mostly she's very good, except when she sees another dog. She gets super excited, then goes ballistic.

Luckily, Mommy's hit upon the new Toast Trick: which is to pull out 1/3 piece of toast and sticking it in her mouth. Lily goes gaga for toast. She's ready to behave and quickly scurry home, no funny business, when she has toast.

We'll have to adjust her calories for that, tho.

In other big news, Mommy's rediscovered the Instagram app on her phone, and found it's easier to take pictures of Lily there.

So we'll be at:

See you there!

(it was going to be princess lily, but all variations of that were taken. Besides, she's not really a princess. More like a THUG princess.)