Who we are: Lily, Mommy, and Dad

Mommy is from Korea, and used to teach literature and now writes novels. Dad's American, a scientist, who also writes novels. We live in Holland.

Lily came into our lives when Mommy was all strung out from grieving for Emily, our first dog,  for over a year, and the grieving didn't seem to fade away gracefully and naturally, but came and went in cycles, rising and howling at times to a terrifying hurt.

And there was Lily, a few pictures and video clips on a Dutch/ Belgian rescue site based in Spain. Small and pokey. No seriously, pokey, as in poking around. The rescue described her as scared and timid, probably traumatized from mistreatment, saved from death row. And there she was, a couple of minutes on YouTube, shy with her tail down when a person came near, but still poking around the yard with a lot of other dogs, curious and busy with her doggy interests.

And Mommy thought, we can give you a nice quiet corner to gain your courage back, we can heal together. Because Mommy was still really hurting badly.

We expected a reasonable wait, paperwork, visits and interviews, a queue of other dogs waiting to fly out of the south of Spain. A good two three months. But after a whirlwind two weeks, Lily was here! She wouldn't even go in a crate for the ride home. Mommy hug/ held her the whole half hour, and we bonded.

And she was instantly loving and trusting, and super super happy. No shy scared traumatized dog hiding in a corner.

Just happy playful curious and oh so energetic. Four hours of running daily. And being a scamp. And loving her food and treats. And toys. And brushing. And head butting our hands for ear massages like a cat.

So that's how Lily fixed Mommy.

Like magic. Because she's a magic doggy.

Rescue dogs are awesome, pass it on.