Monday, August 24, 2015

Sudden barfing

Ten days on only vet kibble, and while it wasn't perfect, we thought her upset stomach was on the mend. Lily would do one good poo, then a smaller gooey poo.

Today, after dinner,  she vomited. She was a bit scared after that, as if anyone would get mad at her for feeling poorly. We took her out for a walk just in case, she got excited over a seagull, we jogged home.

I guess I was too impatient to do something because I gave her chicken broth after we came in - she wouldn't drink water. She needed a lot of reassurance from M.

Then, when I thought she was settling in for a nap 90 minutes later,  she threw up again, twice.

No food for 12 hours, then just 2 teaspoons full to see if she can keep it down.  I hope it's just something weird she licked on a walk.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Slowly recovering, but we need to be careful

On nothing but Royal Canine (Sensitive stomach) Lily's poos are getting better: has shape, less often.

But last night, she gobbled up something in the rain/dark before I could grab it, and today, after doing a perfect recovery poo at 7am, she circled the living room several times at 1030. Luckily I got the message this time, and we went out for an emergency poo. GLOPPY!

Then GLOPPY again. And AGAIN.


No shortcuts or exceptions allowed on the road to recovery.

She's always full of energy though. We've had 2 jogs/run/power walks of 50 minutes each, and it's not even noon.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Grrr... back to kibble.

After three days of chicken/rice/cottage cheese, Lily gets blood in her poo,
and a consult with the vet later, we're advised to put her on Royal Canin sensitive stomach.

(I've never liked RC- even for a human it smells like tons of additives, taste/flavor enhanced junk food)

But her poo is fine now. And she's happy and energetic as usual.

Don't you just hate it when nice, pure human-grade home meals give your dog runny poos, and the corn-filled 'vet' brands will 'cure' her? I really want to join up with the gung-ho home-feeding/barf/prey brigade, but sadly, cannot ignore the evidence.

Lily don't care. Lily caught a fly in the patio. Now to check out some sinister roses.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Worry and yummy food? The dog's not worried by we are.

Lily's had runny poos since last thursday (incl. her first 'accident' in the morning), and we've put her on the strict no treat rice/chicken/cottage cheese diet.

She's eating grass, too, which is stomach upset behavior.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Goofy pics from Daddy's phone

[Caught mid-yawn]

[Cuter, with HP scarf]

[Daily brushings and still she sheds as she breathes. We're surprised she's not bald yet]

Just a quick mash note

I love you, little doggie.
Yesterday: salmon oatmeal jello shots. (her farts smell like tuna)
Today: chicken and chickpeas.
[So, why is Mommy scoping out dog beds at LL Bean?]

[2 hours later, and what is this, little pea pod?]