Friday, August 14, 2015

Grrr... back to kibble.

After three days of chicken/rice/cottage cheese, Lily gets blood in her poo,
and a consult with the vet later, we're advised to put her on Royal Canin sensitive stomach.

(I've never liked RC- even for a human it smells like tons of additives, taste/flavor enhanced junk food)

But her poo is fine now. And she's happy and energetic as usual.

Don't you just hate it when nice, pure human-grade home meals give your dog runny poos, and the corn-filled 'vet' brands will 'cure' her? I really want to join up with the gung-ho home-feeding/barf/prey brigade, but sadly, cannot ignore the evidence.

Lily don't care. Lily caught a fly in the patio. Now to check out some sinister roses.

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