Friday, January 22, 2016

Judging from the pics, all we do is sleep... no way: the Big Food Post

Lily's just really fast and a bit nuts when we're out, so no action shots. But we put in a good 2.5 hours walk total/daily. Both doggo and mommy aren't going to be getting fat any time soon.

Lily also enjoys her food. A LOT.

Since she got over her anal gland swelling, we've switched over from the vet advised Royal Canin Sensitive Stomach to Real Food. It's been going on for about 3 months now. Her poos have never been so good, and they're much smaller and with less frequency. No filler, I guess.

This is just what we do, and what we think is best for our dog.

But I did what reading I could and came to my own conclusions regarding bones and the nutritional value of cooked/uncooked. While I like the idea of raw bones, it's scary for me and not recommended by our vet.

So I downloaded both US and European dog food nutritional recommendations, then made a spreadsheet for all the macros/vitamins/minerals she needs, and a calorie estimation. Then, I looked up which foods are good for these and made a rotation list.

She gets kuri pumpkin, korean seaweed, frozen spinach and green beans, sardines (in water), and a rotation of chicken, pork, pork and beef hamburger (grocery store grade), plus 1/4 multivitamin, 750mg calcium citrate, eggs twice a week, and the occasional chicken liver. She gets the usual snacks: cucumber, banana, apple, cheese, peanut butter, and lettuce (her fave, go figure).

Sometimes Mommy checks out the Moroccan butcher and get her lamb and turkey, or the Dutch butcher for beef heart (for dogs).

It's a bit of work, but Lily REALLY LOVES FOOD. And I figure I can treat her if I cut down on my own meat eating.

No, honestly, I wanted to give her Orijen and good meat (50/50), but she had a funny poo after Orijen Red and I didn't want to risk Miss Picky's sensitive stomach again.

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