Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Every day another adventure

I think the gooey poo is under control with RC Sensitive Stomach kibble and lots of chicken. Not even rice.

In the meantime, Lily's still as rambunctious as ever, and last Monday got a pinky fingernail size bit of skin scraped off her front right leg. That's HUGE on her.

We used honey salve (for dogs) a bit too liberally for the first two days, but once it calmed down, it healed fine on its own.

There was a nice scab on it until last night. This morning, she ripped it off herself. Oi vey, doggo.

Training on walks, not to chase cats, birds, other dogs, wagons, motorcycles, bark like her heart is breaking, is going much better with a big bag of chicken. Luckily this goes well with her current limited diet.

I'd give her her kibble, but she usually chokes on them if she eats them walking.

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