Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Our picky picky dog: will eat anything, but it turns to goo. Only the Royal Canin Sensitive Stomach kibble will do. (It breaks mommy's heart, and all her natural, home-cooking leanings; it's not even high quality kibble! We had wanted to, as soon as the poos stabilized, switch her over again to Canagan, but she gooey yellow+black pooed immediately after a 1/4 mix on Sunday.)

On a side note, Lily's paw wound healed on its own in a week. As soon as there was a scab forming, she RIPPED it off. Man, our dog is hardcore.

She's getting two hour+ romps morning and night, plus 2-3 40 minute walks in the afternoon, every day. Most days her walk/runs total 3.5 hours. So much that her nails are all worn down too close to the quick, and I'm considering issuing a rest week just to let her nails catch up growing.

Mommy would keel over and die from all this super tiring running around, but happily/sadly, she's worked me up into too good cardiovascular shape for that to happen.

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