Thursday, July 16, 2015

Day 2: three escapes, I should be having heart attacks.

--But oddly enough, I'm a bit tougher this time around.

First mistake was taking her to the tiny free-roam island next to our building. It's for dogs, and they lope around and play. Lily wasn't much interested in wandering off by herself, for all that she's so excited on walks. Instead, after walking around for all of two minutes, she RAN BACK TO THE ENTRANCE, posed to flee. Luckily, I called her, she stopped--this time--waited until I caught up, put the leash back on her halter.

But she learns fast. Once she knows how to do one thing, she'll keep doing it.

Which led to my second mistake. I thought I'd dog -proofed our patio. Apparently, not well enough.
She slipped out through the window between the rose bush, and was wandering around two patios down before I figured out she'd gotten out. I had to climb over fences to get her back.

Then she did it again.

The cracks are all bricked up now.

The biggest challenge though, is for her to calm down. She's in a constant state of panting excitement, and then, every five minutes comes over to head-butt nudge me for affection. It's dog rude, and I should stop it. But I figure she really needs reassurance that this life is real now. That she's loved and safe, and this place isn't going away.

I don't mind a little nudging. We mastered jogging at her pace to stop pulling on walks. That's a huge win in my book.

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