Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Last Free Weekend

... hahahah. M. says don't say that, but I think it's pretty funny. After Lily gets here, I'll be dog-shackled again, just the way I like it. (And they say dogs have separation anxiety.)

Saturday we picked up a new collar and a longer leash (1.8m) for indoors, engraved her tags with our phone number and address, checked out the offerings on premium dry dog food, and a choice of dry snacks (chicken strips, freeze dried duck liver) to help show her the ropes. Oh, and a spritz bottle of Urine-Off, for accidents.

I'm also reviewing all our dog books, which include Rescue Dog (Gwen Baily), Culture Clash (Jean Donaldson), and Good Owners, Great Dogs (Brian Kilcommons), as well as the extensive articles at (Understanding Dog Behavior).

Today I've cut up old bed sheets to line the bedding. Anything goes the first few days to a week. Best be prepared. And remember, Lily won't know what's happened, if she can trust us, if she's safe. Providing a quiet, calm, and safe environment, and letting her see for herself that it's okay, that's the way to start

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