Thursday, July 16, 2015

Day 2: walks, jogs, baths, and chewies

And it's not even 10am.
Last night was tough. She's a seriously heavy shedder (despite the shelter's guestimate - they have a LOT of dogs to look after) and M's allergic. So sleeping downstairs has to be the rule.
Did I say she's a jumper too? Wow. From chair to kitchen table, easy peasy. She laughed at our fruit crate barrier.
I re-engineered the barrier and added the three shelf bookcase.  Then she cried.
Broke my heart. Luckily M was tough. (She so respects him more already.) She whined/keened three times, I stood at the door and said No. And we all went to bed. It worked out in the end.

She's smart and understands the rules, follows them when she's showed what they are. Being a softy and changing them on her because I have moments of weakness will only confuse her.

Oh, and by the way, she was instantly house-broken before we even entered the house. Going out every two hours on a puppy schedule set the pee/poo rules in place. This dog is a genius.
[Enjoying her vegident on the sofa, after a pee, poo, hour-long walk, bath, breakfast/ training]

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