Wednesday, July 1, 2015

the first step

We made our first steps toward welcoming a new dog to the family. She will be from a Dutch/Belgian rescue based in Spain called ACE/Shin. She is approximately 5 years old, a mix, and rescued from a pound in the south of Spain. We don't know if she ever had a person, or whether she just lived on the street.

Her shelter name is Nisa, but we're thinking of re-naming her Lily, for a fresh start.

 Here is what the rescue has to say about her:
"When this lady just entered here - after her experience in the killingstation, was she sitting very tough and very dangerous in a corner with the message 'Don't touch me!' ... But this was only a pretense, in self-defense, because actually the dog was so scared that she peed out of fear ... With a calm, nice talk and a little patience did she let herself go completely and gave herself to us, now with the question: 'Don't hurt me please ...' The first encounter with little Nisa has to be handled in a very serene way, sit down with her and reassure her by saying that it is all right ... and then it will certainly be okay because now, here with us, is she just a darling, nice and cheerful, kind and sociable with other dogs, really a good dog. She probably has had a very sad past and certainly had to bear a lot of beatings because she shrinks when you want to touch her too abruptly. Someone who wants a small, funny, pretty darling, must surely think of this treasure, it is a dog who will be eternally grateful and faithful ... Who takes care of Nisa and wants to welcome her home in an understanding and patient way, to see her develop into a truly wonderful dog ...?"

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