Friday, July 17, 2015

Day3: some rhythm, some fail, mostly good

She escaped the higher barrier by squeezing through the cracks,  and jumping up to the chair.
I have to remember: Lily's a tough little survivor.
No accidents in the house,  though.

We started out this morning with a pee/poo, followed by a gentle  3.5k jog to siphon off her morning energy, then came home to a brushing session in the patio,  while she tried to figure out where the baby was. (4 stories up)

Then I shook out and beat all the cushions,  blankets, and throws, then vaccumed the house. She's okay with the vacuum cleaner,  but prefers to watch from the sofa.

We did a breakfast training session with Canagan kibble. She doesn't get Sit yet, unless I crouch down with food in my hand. (Confusing signals. She's probably associating different things, like motion with Sit.)

Now she's being super mellow while I have some coffee.  Such a perfect wonder dog.

[ETA] pre noon walk was 6km run (jog, sprint, chase, powerwalk) through the park and back. We're settling in for a quiet afternoon. She doesn't know it, but there's a frozen Kong with her name on it.

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