Thursday, July 2, 2015

Lots of e-mails

The adoption procedure is outlined on the ACE/SHIN website. This is how we found it:

Monday: initially poked ACE by e-mail. got rerouted to my regional coordinator.

Wednesday: reg. Coordinator contacted me with questionnaire.
(! Wow, that was fast. I expected this process to be slower,  with a lot more gentle nudging from me)

I filled out the questionnaire.  (I like doing these.) Cried over Bunny (twice). Sent it back with extra questions.

Our coordinator wrote back within the hour, plus answers to my own questions,  and now we're waiting to be on the home visit list. They're looking for an English speaker for us, as our Dutch is lost tourist/supermarket checkout level after many years of non use.

Meanwhile, Nisa, on the ACE website, has already been earmarked as 'reserved'.


I feel like holding onto my head, with the speed of things progressing.

Meanwhile, here's a short video the shelter made.

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