Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week 1: Hobos have the happiest dogs...?

Yesterday, as Lily couldn't/wouldn't go in the dog basket, I had to jog her to the vet. In the rain.
Of course we got lost, and cloud cover made it so that GPS was a joke.

Whew... We were 15 minutes late, but we made it.

Then, we got lost on the way back, and involuntarily took the dog poo non-scenic route around the entire Noordkwartier of Leiden. Man, people don't pick up after their dogs. :(((

I was lost, tired, demoralized, with M. giving me directions on the phone (from the computer at home), and through it all, Lily was such a trooper. To her, this was a roaming, wandering adventure.

As M. puts it, she handles like a Mercedes Benz. I could't deal with dog trotting, or her going off after a pigeon, and she knew it. She just loped peacefully next to me until we got to the meeting point with M. 2 hours, but we got home.


Then, this morning, she jumped in the duck pond. 

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