Tuesday, July 14, 2015

We're going with dry food for now...

DIY BARF sounds alluring, but we've had reservations about it because of salmonella, etc. Same goes for local companies offering frozen BARF. One bad shipment, and you're out of luck.

Which is why I'm reading up on home cooking. They often call for a commercial supplement, though. More research needed for this, but I think this will be where we're going in the future.
I'm trying to eat less meat myself, so my 'meat ration,' so to speak, can go to Lily.

For now, I picked up a 2.5 kilo bag of Canagan, which is a premium dry kibble with a reassuring ingredients list. Real chicken, no corn or other grains, no weird stuff like beet pulp, and hopefully no weird 'other' bits. Plus, we can add in a chicken filet.
Some websites suggest cottage cheese as an 'easily digestible first meal', but the dairy puts me off.

She's arriving tomorrow!

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