Thursday, July 2, 2015

Preparations at home

1. I'm scoping out veterinarian candidates. Sadly, this crosses out our last vet: though they were very kind, they didn't catch Emily's illness until it was too late. Also, the flashbacks to that time are pretty horrible.

The vet before that was so laissez-faire that he didn't seem to care. So much so that we scoped out another one, who was kind of racist and more fascinated by us (OMG! Asian people!) than he was interested in examining our dog.

This leaves the next candidates rather far away. And I need to get there by bicycle too, so I've been checking out the bike-routes and times.

Man, you have to be pretty fit to be a dog-mommy. Running's not going to help me here. And after 8 years in Holland, I'm still pretty wonky on a bicycle.

2. Pet health insurance: Petplan, which we used for Emily, was pretty solid, and surprisingly kind when she passed away. They should do.

Everything's up in the air. Or it's all in progress. Either way, I feel like picking out a nice new collar for the dog, just to calm down myself.

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